Tips for an excellent essay and argumentative essay

Nowadays, knowing how to write a good dissertation is fundamental to joining any institution of higher education and write my essay today. Exams such as the National High School Exam or traditional entrance exams usually require the candidate to write a essay-argumentative style essay. And the main secret to writing well is, in addition to reading a lot, to train a lot. The more you practice the habit of reading and also writing, the better your texts will be.

Before you start giving tips on writing a essay, find out the difference between a writing essay and an argumentative essay

Dissertation Writing: This text is meant to inform, that is, through the dissertation information is transmitted to the reader.

Argumentative Writing: This text has the purpose of convincing the reader, making it come to have the same opinion as the author.

Dissertation-Argumentative Writing: This text is composed by the combination of the two types presented above, the dissertative and the argumentative. This means that a text that, at the same time, explains a theme and instigates the reader to follow the author’s opinion, is considered as argumentative-argumentative.

Check out some tips we have prepared for you!

Learn to criticize

To criticize is to know how to discuss the subject addressed, to expose your opinion in a subtle way and to present your point of view in a clear way. It is not enough to only indicate the negative points of a certain subject, how to point out the qualities as well, but always in a true and cautious way.

But how can you argue about something if you do not know anything about it? So the next tip is:

Stay well informed

Currently, there are several ways to get informed, whether through printed newspapers, the internet or television. It’s good to be attentive to the quality of the news and its importance to your writing. News related to the lives of celebrities, for example, will hardly be used in a writing essay.

Do not focus on just one type of news, try to be aware of varied events, both in US and in the world. Politics, sports, climate phenomena, economics, historical events are some of the news that could serve as the basis for the creation of a dissertation.

Use English well

It’s no use having good ideas to argue, discuss and state your opinion if you do not have a command of the English language. Learning to use English in a correct way is fundamental so that your writing has credibility.

In order to use English well, it is necessary to have a habit of reading and writing frequently.

List the information

Acquiring a large amount of information is quite simple, but to relate them correctly so that the essay does not get meaningless may not be that easy.

First, try to gather all your ideas and craft a skeleton for your text. From this skeleton, start entering the information. Be careful not to be redundant.

In each paragraph, try to associate as much information as possible and link one paragraph to another. Writing should follow a flow and be clear and cohesive.

Avoid copies

Creativity is an indispensable requirement for good writing. Using excerpts copied from other authors can hurt you in driving the text. In addition, you run the risk of getting away from the proposed theme.


If you realize that you are running away from the subject, but you do not want to lose all the content you have made so far, try improvising. Here’s how to make a relationship between what was built with the proposed subject. This is a way to train your creativity too.

Read a lot

Reading is still the best way to improve vocabulary, writing and relating ideas. So read a lot! Look for books, newspapers, texts on the internet, chronicles, etc. Every kind of reading is valid.

You will surely notice the difference!

Do it with enthusiasm

Try to put enthusiasm in all your actions. And this also applies to the preparation of a dissertation, argumentative essay or both. We can consider dedication and enthusiasm as fuels for your creativity. Everything done with will has a better result.

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