How to Write an Academic Article

How to Write an Academic Article – When you are in college or attending an extra course, it is normal for teachers to request academic articles to substantiate your point of view, research on a subject, and even raise a defense about something.

Writing an academic article can be complex at first, however, when it is practiced, the task becomes pleasurable.

A CBT, for example, is a more extensive scholarly article if one is to think. The same goes for a master’s thesis or doctoral thesis or even a scientific article on some varied subject.

If you are wondering how to write an academic article, you have come to the right place. See below for some essential tips for developing an authoritative theme in formal patterns!

Choose your grain of sand

First understand that an academic article should be objective, so do not try to embrace the world and talk about everything that involves the planet Earth. The tip here is you set a theme thinking about a grain of sand. That way, you will not run away from your premise.

For example: let’s talk about prejudice. That would be the theme. Now it needs to be tapped:

  • Prejudice of what? In relation to religion.
  • Which religion? Jewish.
  • Where will you observe this prejudice? At the movies.
  • In which movie? The pianist.
  • How many scenes? 3.
  • What’s the point? To affirm that prejudice is historical, but that it can be deconstructed altogether.

Did you notice how the theme became a grain of sand? With this setting set up, you also have your search object (the chosen movie). The second step is:

Research your theorists

Who talks about prejudice? Which theory will you use? For this, it is worthwhile to search for books and authors who express about the subject or even people who have already made analyzes about the film from another perspective – believe it, it will enrich your point of view

Google Scholar, for example, brings together various scientific and scholarly articles for you to read and reread.

As soon as you like some theory-based quotation, separate immediately following the rules of the Association of Technical Standards if you are producing an article in USA. These rules establish certain rules regarding citations, bibliography.

And as we are talking about research, do not access, let alone rely on sites that do not pass any credibility, such as Wikipedia. Look for articles, books on the subject, even documentaries can be used in fantastic ways!

Structure Your Academic Article

To write an academic article you need to know the structuring of how your text should be developed. The parts that must contain are:

  • Introduction
  • Material and methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

For the sake of better understanding, let us continue with our example.

In the introduction, we will expose the subject of prejudice, introducing what we intend to do, our goal. For this, we must contextualize the reader. The methodology, for example, can not be based on comparisons because there is only one movie.

It can be argumentative, critical and bibliographical, above all else. This means that his arguments will be based on well-known theorists on the subject, which gives him the authority to talk about it. In the results you should expose what you found in the movie.

Has prejudice really existed on account of Nazism? Or was there any prejudice before? Of course, for this you should research a lot about your topic and not just conclude with what you saw in the movie. That’s why the theorists are so valuable!

In the discussion you can comment, following the thoughts of the theorists, on the points pointed out, going back to the scenes, citing lines and theories to guide the reader to a conclusion.

And in the end, you will close your subject, being objective and clear, proposing a hypothesis, a solution, something that makes the reader reflect. Already know how to write an academic article?

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