10 Tips to Make a Good Writing

Today we bring 10 tips to make a good writing. Enjoy and see a super tip that will greatly help to counter the ghost of the essay.

As much as writing is the bogeyman of many, it is difficult to escape it. In order to do a good writing it is necessary to be attentive to several factors, among them it is necessary to observe the contextualization and the form of how to lecture. So pay attention and assimilate the tips to make a good writing.

10 Tips to Make a Good Writing

1) In the dissertation, do not write too long or too short periods.

2) In the dissertation, do not use expressions like “I think”, “I think” or “who knows”, which show doubts in their arguments.

3) In the essay do not completely flee to the proposed theme, otherwise it will be annulled.

4) It is important that in a dissertation, facts, data and points of view about the proposed question are presented and discussed.

5) The most adequate posture to write is to write impersonally, that is, one should avoid using the first person singular.

6) In the narration, a good characterization of characters can not take into consideration only physical aspects. They have to be thought of as representations of people, and therefore their characterization is much more complex, taking into account also psychological aspects of human types.

7) The essay text is addressed to a generic, universal interlocutor; the argumentative letter presupposes a specific interlocutor for whom the argumentation should be oriented.

8) What is requested of the students is much more a reflection on a certain theme, presented in written form, than a simple writing seen as a circumstantial episode of writing.

9) The letter of form should be avoided as it makes it difficult to distinguish between upper and lower case letters. Good spelling and cleanliness are key.

10) In the narration, there is a need to characterize and develop the following elements: narrator, character, plot, scenario and time.

These are just 10 tips to make a good essay among so many other tips.

Extra Tip

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